Standard Argumentative Essay Format

An argumentative essay refers to a certain kind of composition that tends to present prepositions in an objective manner. It may not necessarily convince people to conform into a particularly kind of thinking, as it is enough if it would just clarify an issue.

Since most argumentative essays intend to clear particular things out, it would definitely be helpful to understand the common argumentative essay format. Doing such would definitely allow one to express his thoughts and his ideas more effectively.

The Language Structure

The common Argumentative essay format always conforms to the formal language structure. The formal language structure uses words that are considered to be politically correct. It does not tend to offend a group of individuals in the society and it uses a diplomatic mode of expressing ideas.

The formal language structure also conforms to several standards that are set by academic institutions such as the MLA and the APA, particularly if the argumentative essays tackle a topic that is generally considered to be controversial.

Using figurative language could be done in writing an argumentative essay. However, you should still put in mind that using too much of rhetorical sentences could also make your essay appear subjective. As such, it would definitely be helpful if you would just use it in moderation.

The Paragraphs’ Structure

The structure of the paragraphs in most argumentative essays is often concise to ensure objectivity. Usually, there are just 1-2 sentences that comprise each paragraph. The introduction and the conclusion are often short so as to focus on the presuppositions that are presented in the essay.

The sentences that usually comprise an argumentative essay are often simple and compound rather than complex. This would allow people to understand the thoughts that are presented in the essay more easily.

As with the arrangement of the arguments in relation to the form of the paragraphs, they are often alternating between the arguments and the evidences that were presented to support them. Transitional words are also used in order to ensure that the movement from one idea into another is ideal.

The Thoughts’ Structure

The common argumentative essay format presents the thoughts and the ideas of a person in a very objective manner. They should always be warranted with acceptable evidence and proofs. Most often than not, they are also presented to emphasize an idea rather than to contradict a construct.

In case there is a fact that has to be falsified, the writer would have to use a diplomatic way in order to present his thoughts.

The “Proper” Structure

Most grammarians and literary experts agree with the assumption that there is no such thing as a proper Argumentative essay format. What is far more important in an argumentative essay is to express the ideas and the arguments effectively. However and still, there is nothing bad about conforming to the common structure since it may help you to compose your work easily.

About the author:

Elena Dorabji is a lecturer at the Department of Political Science at San Jose State University. Her main area of specialization was comparative politics with emphasis on South Africa. Contact Elena via her Facebook page regarding her research work and other questions.