How to Write an Argumentative Essay Outline

There are numerous points that you have to consider when writing an argumentative essay outline. By noting these points, you will surely get a good hold of what you need to do in order to persuade other people to do a certain course of action. Also, if you are successful in following the tips, you will have a better chance in making it big in the writing industry, particularly in the advertising and marketing department.

Determining Topic

Preferably, you should select a topic that highly interests you before you read on the rest of the tips on how to make an outline for argumentative type of essay. Doing so will help you have more conviction on the topic that you have decided to discuss. Showing passion in delivering your message will eventually show through. In turn, this can help you defend your side more effectively without being too pushy about it. If you cannot decide on a specific topic, you have to list down the topics and proceed to the next step.

Narrowing Down Choices

Narrowing down the choices is the next crucial step on how to compose the outline of your essay. In this phase, you should decide on a topic that you want to discuss. If you find this extremely difficult to do, you should make it a point to list down the reasons that you want to discuss each topic. Based from these reasons, you should weigh out your priorities and preferences until you eventually arrive at a certain conclusion.

Determining Stand

Determining your stand is also imperative when writing the outline. Because you should defend your point, you are discouraged from composing tentative statements.


Research is one of the most important tips in coming up with an outline for your argumentative essay. Without thorough research on the topic of your choice, you may find it difficult to point out concrete evidence to support your claims.

These are just some of the points that you need to consider in making the essay’s outline. These points are important because this can help make your composition more effective in making you connect and relate to your target audience. What is even better is that, when you finally master this, you may have a chance to have an impact on society and change things for the better as you would know how to manipulate the words to establish your points about a certain topic. To date, these tips have not only helped a lot of beginners in their writing pursuits but some of the experts as well. You may try these tips on how to write an argumentative essay outline to find out how effective these can get.

About the author:

Elena Dorabji is a lecturer at the Department of Political Science at San Jose State University. Her main area of specialization was comparative politics with emphasis on South Africa. Contact Elena via her Facebook page regarding her research work and other questions.