Art Essay Writing Tips

Essay on Art

Writing an art essay can be quite a challenge for many students. Art has always been deemed subjective. If you are not that keen on art, you may be at a loss as to how you should write an essay about it? Here are some tips that you might find helpful in writing your essay.

Wordplay – Art In Your own Words

When you are tasked to write an art essay, you are required to describe vividly what you have seen and discuss your interpretation of it. Your essay should not only contain brief and vivid descriptions of the art form you are examining. You should mention how it has affected you; after all, good art has emotional impact.

A Closer Look At The Technical Aspects

To come up with a good essay about art, you need to examine the creativity of the art form carefully. You need to carefully examine every stroke of the brush, every color used and the images that were created. You need to examine the technical aspects – the art form such lighting, colors, space and structure. Are the lines thick or thin, heavy or light, continuous or broken? Are the colors realistic or unreal, warm or cool, bright or subdued? Are the spaces deep or shallow, near or far apart? Are all those ideal for the subject?

You will need to examine the medium used by the artist. Is it applicable for the message that he wants to convey? This can help you determine his rationale for using such medium and include the limitations and advantages of this medium as well.

Know Your Art

By now, you would know that it can hard to write an essay about something that you are not knowledgeable about. If you want to write a good art essay, you have to learn more art. Of course, you are learning in a classroom setting, but it would also be a good idea to do some learning of your own. Find out what the critics have to say about art – the methods, the artists, the subjects.

Your Interpretation

Remember that once you have identified all the technical aspects, you have to supplement it with your understanding, analysis and interpretation. Was there a specific goal achieved by using these elements that away?

You also need to examine it subjectively – as in the emotional, mental, physiological, and social implications of it.

Writing an essay about art is just like writing any other essay: you need to stay focused on the topic, settle on a structure or format of writing, write with organized thoughts, and observe proper grammar. Still, it should be fun and interesting. Keep these tips in mind, and you should be able to write a better art essay.

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