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College Essays That Worked

Your college application essay is a reflection of how high school has shaped your personality and your mind throughout the years. This is the reason why many colleges and universities use it as a way to gauge your abilities and your skills. This is also the same reason why you would definitely find it helpful to be aware of college essays that worked and to be able to use them to gain advantage in your endeavors. Continue reading College Essays That Worked

Good Topics for College Application Essay

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The admission procedures for colleges and universities these days have becoming tougher and tougher. A lot of admission officials or committee members are now using other screening mechanisms aside from the usual aptitude tests in order to gauge the capacity of their potential students. Most of them require their applicants to submit college applications essay in order to measure the capacity of the latter to analyze things intricately. Continue reading Good Topics for College Application Essay

Getting to Know an Essayist

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An essayist refers to a person who uses written language in order to express his thoughts or his opinions regarding a particular topic. There are a couple of people who are assuming that being an essayist is a form of a profession while there are others who are assuming that it could just be considered as a hobby.

Characteristics of a Good Essayist

A good essayist is often regarded as a critical thinker. Hi is often recognized for his capacity to think beyond the facts that are presented in front of him. If it is possible, he always trims down every idea into its simplest form so that he could be able to understand it thoroughly. Continue reading Getting to Know an Essayist

How to Write a Critique Paper

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When you are asked to do a critique paper, it is imperative that you first understand what it really means. Critiquing does not simply mean analyzing every flaw and negative aspect of the subject, usually a literary piece. The tips can apply to most subjects though. It means deeply analyzing and pointing out both positive and negative aspects. Also, you may have to set aside all your biases and previous knowledge about the piece as well as the author/creator. You have to be unbiased and objective; that way, you can come up with an honest and a well-structured critique paper. If you are unfamiliar with how to write a critique essay, here are a few tips that you might find helpful. Continue reading How to Write a Critique Paper