Getting to Know an Essayist

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An essayist refers to a person who uses written language in order to express his thoughts or his opinions regarding a particular topic. There are a couple of people who are assuming that being an essayist is a form of a profession while there are others who are assuming that it could just be considered as a hobby.

Characteristics of a Good Essayist

A good essayist is often regarded as a critical thinker. Hi is often recognized for his capacity to think beyond the facts that are presented in front of him. If it is possible, he always trims down every idea into its simplest form so that he could be able to understand it thoroughly.

Good essayists also have the capacity to use their words cleverly. They could play with their sentence and their paragraphs in order to express their ideas in a more fascinating manner. They do not bore their readers with the often bland thoughts that are expressed through a dull language.

A good essayist also knows how to express his thoughts or ideas coherently. He could seamlessly arrange his thoughts and he could clearly state his ideas. He knows how to use linguistic devices such as translation and transitional words in order to assure that his ideas are effectively conveyed.

Good essayists are also known for being firm. They know how to support the suppositions that they have stated in their essays effectively. Much more than that, they do not use lame assumptions in order to support unwarranted thoughts.

Lastly, an essayist considers his or her reads. He or she does not present unjust statements that may confuse the readers. A good essayist do not also falsifies facts without proper evidence. Most importantly, he does not use words that could offend people in one way or another.

Some Examples of Essayists Who Have Established Names

Some examples of essayists who have been known for their work and their influence include T.S. Eliot, Francis Bacon, and C.S. Lewis.

T.S. Eliot is an American-born writer who has been known for his works that emphasizes modernism. A lot of people look up to him for being a laureate of the 1948 Nobel Prize for Literature.

Francis Bacon is an English polymath who has been very influential because of his works that highlights certain philosophical paradigms such as empiricism. His works were able to influence other prominent individuals such as John Locke, Isaac Newton, Basil Montagu, and Thomas Jefferson.

Lastly, C.S. Lewis or Clive Staple Lewis is an Irish writer who has been known for the uncanny yet useful philosophies that he has expressed in his essays. He is known for his capacity to present his ideas in a fascinating and striking manner. Some of his works are often included as a required reading in a lot of literary courses across the academe.

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