Essay Writing Styles

different styles of essay writing

In an educational context essay writing basically falls into the following different categories: persuasion, description, narration and exposition. There are variations within these types but finally all the variations fall within these four basic types.


It is an essay which tries to educate the reader regarding something important or attempts to explain something important to the reader like benefits of any activity, certain rules or processes, etc. Continue reading Essay Writing Styles

Persuasive Essay Writing Techniques – Improve your Writing Skills

persuasive essay writing

One has to understand the subject in which the persuasive essay in to be written. The technique of writing a persuasive essay must be followed. It is difficult to write a persuasive essay. It is so, because, one has to understand the topic fully. The writer has to go through the positive points of the topic and must explain why it is positive. So writing a persuasive essay is a lengthy job in hand. The writer has to first explain about the topic, then one must describe the relation of the topic with today’s world. Continue reading Persuasive Essay Writing Techniques РImprove your Writing Skills

Essays Classification: Learn How to Write Different Types of Essays

types of essays

There are many students who are asked to write the essay on different topics in their school or even college life. But, it is preferred that before start writing the essay on a topic, it is important to categorize that essay. This can be done only when one has the knowledge about different types of essays. Once, you have understood the types of essays then it will become much easier for you to prepare the content on that topic. Some of the most commonly used types of essays are as follows:

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