Good Topics for College Application Essay

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The admission procedures for colleges and universities these days have becoming tougher and tougher. A lot of admission officials or committee members are now using other screening mechanisms aside from the usual aptitude tests in order to gauge the capacity of their potential students. Most of them require their applicants to submit college applications essay in order to measure the capacity of the latter to analyze things intricately.

With that being said, it would definitely be a huge advantage to be aware of the ways on how to choose good topics for college application essay, as doing such could bring people to the kind of future that they have always wanted.

Simplicity Still Matters

In choosing good topics for application essay, it may also help if you would consider the simplest subjects that you pull out if your thinking bubble. By doing so, it would be easier for you to express the ideas that you may want to mention in your application essay. The screening committee members from the universities or the colleges may also find it easier to understand your thoughts.

You just have to keep in mind that mediocrity is not equivalent to simplicity. You could be simple without the need to conform to the norm by choosing topics such as:

  1. The Worst Thing That Have Ever Happened in My Life and How I’ve Learned From It
  2. The Content of My Biography at Page 55
  3. My Life If I Have Not Been Admitted in Your University (College)

What You Know Is What Is Really Important

There are universities, particularly the top-tiers, that intricately screen their students based on their technical aptitudes. Most of them are only accepting student who are able to show their outstanding capacity to learn through the way in which they have crafted their materials.

Some examples of good topics for college application essay that could effectively show the range of your thinking may include the following:

  1. The Newton’s Law of Motion, As I See It
  2. The Malthusian Catastrophe and Its Manifestation In My High School Life
  3. Inflation Is Not That Harmful

Getting Attention

Definitely, striking the minds of the people who would read your application essay is still the best way to get what you want. You have to remember that the people who are evaluating your essay have already gone through a thousand of papers that discuss almost the same thing. The only feasible way to impress them is to think outside the box.

Some good topics that would definitely grab the attention of the evaluators may include the following:

  1. Global Warming is A Hoax
  2. My Life in the Alternate Timeline
  3. There is Life in Other Planets

Generally, what is really significant is to be yourself in your application. You have to consider that good topics for college application essay could not beat an amazing personality.

About the author:

Elena Dorabji is a lecturer at the Department of Political Science at San Jose State University. Her main area of specialization was comparative politics with emphasis on South Africa. Contact Elena via her Facebook page regarding her research work and other questions.